College Scholarship Program

The Community College Scholarship Program was created by QMC in 2016 in order to provide a few stellar students with the funding required to attend college or university within their country. QMC awards scholarships to four different colleges within Lesotho: The National University of Lesotho, Lesotho Agriculture College, Maluti Hospital Nursing College and the National Health Training College.  

QMC will support a maximum of 8 students a year. Individual scholarships remain in effect as long as the recipient maintains passing grades, lives on campus and attends classes regularly.

The Qholaqhoe community is actively involved in the process, both recommending and supporting scholarship students.  They also help provide transportation and clothing. 

It is a challenging transition for our students. They leave behind their families and the rural, farming life that they have always known and head to a college or university campus, complete with dorm rooms, cafeterias, computer labs and modern classrooms. Life is certainly very different, being vibrant, exciting and challenging all at the same time. It is delightful to see how well our students have adapted to university life, both academically and socially. They work hard and strive to do well in their studies. 

Our first student, Tsepo, graduated from the National Health Training College in 2017 and is working at the Butha Buthe Hospital doing AIDS testing and acting as a community liaison.  We are also pleased that Ntsebo and Ramaketse will graduate from The National University of Lesotho in August of this year.  


 2020- 2021 College Scholarship Recipients
Poulosi Tema, National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work
Poulosi Tema 
Poulosi was born and raised an hours walk away from QHS from which he graduated in December 2019. He is 22 years old. His mother has struggled to provide for him since his father died in 2006. He and his mother were identified as "vulnerable” by the government and he received a government "Social Development Scholarship”.
Despite receiving government support, Poulosi had to leave school several times to find work to provide food for he and his mother.
His mother remarried, has two young children; then her husband, Poulosi’s step-father also died. Poulosi’s mother moved to Butha-Buthe, about 40 miles away, to find a way to support herself as a street vendor selling fruit. Poulosi has lived alone in a one room building in Qholaqhoe since then. His mother has been able to give little support; he is often hungry. When Selena and Joseph take him to the university and he is added to the three times a day meal plan, he will be amazed, just like every QHS student who has experienced going from hunger and mud/dung huts to university life.
When he learned that he had won the scholarship "He was very quiet, shy, but his happiness was on his face.” His mother said while she has little, she is proud and joyful he will be able to go to college.
Poulosi earned excellent grades in high school. His scholarship application gained enthusiastic support from his teachers, the Qholaqhoe Chief and village leaders. QMC knows he will do well for himself, his family and his country.
Home Mota, National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work 
Home Mata
Home and his father, Noko 
Home has been a QHS Scholarship student throughout high school. He lives with his mother, father, older brother and grandfather, who is blind. QMC board members have visited this family many times over the years and have always been greeted with Basotho kindness and warmth: a peach, a freshly dug potato or handful of kale.
They are subsistence farmers with no outside jobs and they, like fellow villagers, have been hard hit with drought. QMC is proud of Home for his admission to the NUL social work program and feels confident he will do well.  
Home Mota, National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work

2019-2020 College Scholarship Recipients

Mapula Talime: National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work
Mapula at home with her grandparents

Kananelo Bohome: National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work

Kananelo outside the home she shares with her brother.

2018-2019 College Scholarship Recipients

Itumeleng Lengala: National University of Lesotho BA Law Degree

Itumeleng in her new dorm room

Itumeleng with her father, Likotsi

Karabo Tjoobe: National University of Lesotho, BA Law Degree

Karabo receiving her new laptop at NUL

Karabo with her mother, Puseletso and her grandfather.

Moeling Ts’oenya: National University of Lesotho:BA Humanities Degree


Moeling with his family,dad Maholla and mom, Macacame.

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