The community College Scholarship Program

The Community College Scholarship Program was created by QMC in 2016 in order to provide a few stellar students with the funding required to attend college or university within their country. We are very proud of our recipients and will follow them closely as they pursue their degrees.



Community College Scholarship Selection Process

The Qholaqhoe community is involved in the process of selecting which of their students are best qualified to apply to the college scholarship program. It is indeed a community effort and responsibility that assists the QMC Board in making the final decision of who will be our scholarship program recipients.

Community Committee Members:

  • Chief Thabo Matela
  • Current Counselor for Qholaqhoe
  • Principal/Deputy Principal Qholaqhoe High School
  • Two Qholaqhoe High School teachers
  • Community member

Responsibilities of committee members:

  • Give QMC application form to serious students who are submitting applications to only these colleges:  Lesotho Agriculture College, National Health Training College, National University of Lesotho, Maluti Adventist Nursing College
  • Collect and review all completed applications.
  • Meet and discuss all applications.
  • Support applicant and receive stamp of approval from Chief Matela.
  • All approved applications will be sent to QMC

The Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections Board of Directors selects and notifies scholarship winners.


  • If an applicant is related to a committee member, the committee member cannot attend the meeting to discuss any applications.
  • No favoritism or special privileges will be awarded to any applicant.  
Requirements for students applying for scholarship:
  • Attended QHS for three years.
  • Graduated from QHS.
  • Live in Qholaqhoe area.
  • Admitted to Lesotho Agriculture College, Maluti Adventist Nursing College, National Health Training College or the National University of Lesotho
  • Demonstrates economic need.

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 2019-2020 College Scholarship Recipients

Mapula Talime: National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work
Mapula at home with her grandparents

Kananelo Bohome: National University of Lesotho, BA School of Social Work

Kananelo outside the home she shares with her brother.

2018-2019 College Scholarship Recipients

Itumeleng Lengala: National University of Lesotho BA Law Degree

Itumeleng in her new dorm room

Itumeleng with her father, Likotsi

Karabo Tjoobe: National University of Lesotho, BA Law Degree

Karabo receiving her new laptop at NUL

Karabo with her mother, Puseletso and her grandfather.

Moeling Ts’oenya: National University of Lesotho:BA Humanities Degree


Moeling with his family,dad Maholla and mom, Macacame.

Quotes from College Scholarship Students

Fall 2018 letter to QMC from  Moeling Ts’oenyana, year 1 student: I would first like to begin by thanking you, but over and above all –GOD- because here I am today at National University of Lesotho still being sponsored by you-QMC SCHOLARSHIP- I hope you are well covered by the spirit of GOD. May you all be blessed in all years of your life. I really adore you. At first I would like to describe or explain how is it to be here at National University of Lesotho(NUL). I think majority of matriculation here at NUL are happy about being here, as well, I am happy to be also. I really enjoy the days of being here since 02 of August this year. Impressively and most importantly there is no other thing that multiplies my joy rather than getting what I am here for. It is also interesting looking at how things are done here. We learn things which are essential and sometimes frightening. Apart from that, resources are available- that we can use so that we can cope or make it at the university, there is 24hour wi-fi and the library huge, meaning it has lot of books that the university need, this is to name a few. In general I can say the university life is very enjoyable that one can even forget where are he or she is from, but me I cannot. Secondly, truly there was only joy when my parents and their children hear that the scholarship that I am who I am today because of it, is again going to help me through my university studies. It is generally known that the service here is not cheap at all. They-my parents- showed that they have put their trust on me and they are going to support me until, as they showed so far. It was a great fortunate to have this scholarship in the family. They even added more on saying I should have respect out here, I should do what is right all the time. They summed up by wishing me lucks in my studies until I am done. I think this reaction was because at that moment things were dull in their side. The reason behind was or is that, they-my parents-are both not working meaning there is little for the family.′′A WINNER IS A DREAMER′′ BY NTATE NELSON MANDELA. His words says a lot to me. It is always my hope to have master’s degree. I then thank you once again for what you are doing for us .

Fall 2018 letter to QMC from  Karabo Tjorbe Year 1 student: It is very nice for me to attend the National University of Lesotho because everything is in good condition. Again, it is also interesting as we enjoy lecturing and being in a new level of education The National University of Lesotho is a very fantastic university so everyone enjoys the life on campus. I live with my grandparents, mother and siblings. My grandparents live at home with  my younger brothers but my mother works in Johannesburg, South Africa as a servant. My family was very happy to hear the magnificent news. They worked hard to make sure I do everything in a good and wonderful manner. They were the ones to show me the way to a good route. They trust Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections completely, knowing that the scholarship is going to help me to be a success.

Fall 2018 letter to QMC from Itumeleng Lengala, Year 1 student: I am a girl aged eighteen. I am the first born child of two parents, namely Maitumeleng and Likotsi. I have my younger brother who is in Form A (eighth grade) now. Going to NUL is such an amazing thing after all because NL is the National University and it is the only university where I can study what I want to learn – law.They- my parents – were extremely happy when told they would have a scholarship. It is still not believable to them, but what I can tell is that they were amazed and over happy.

Spring 2018 Letter to QMC from Remaketse:  "I want to express my gratitude to you, my sponsors, and say thank you for your helping me to further my studies and get one step closer to my goals.

It is almost the end of the second semester and the second academic year so we have a lot of work to do now regarding our studies. We are busy with tests and also preparing for the examinations.

I am going to do well as well this time, just like last year, so that I can proceed to the next year. I always put my all when it comes to my studies and it always pays off.

We are going to start our break towards the end of May and I cannot wait to go home. It has already started getting really cold and rainy. I think that I should enjoy all that in my bed at home.

We did not encounter any problems this academic year and it has been a great year. I will forever be grateful to the QMC sponsorship because without it I would not be here stress free like I am right now. We all are blessed to be sponsored by you.

Yours sincerely, Remaketse Molisana, NUL 



January 2018 Letter to QMC:  Dear Sponsors: I am very glad to write to you to give you updates of what is happening at the moment. I hope everyone is fine, and I too am fine. I had practicals last academic year whereby I was putting theory into practice, it was not easy at all but I have tried all my best in doing well. I'm now doing my second year.

I wrote first semester examinations some of them were quite challenging but I have a hope that I'm going to pass all of them. I will be having second attachment in June and I know that this year will be better than last academic year, because I have learnt a lot in first attachment.Its the beginning of the second semester hopefully everything will be alright. 
Thank you for paying for our academics I really appreciate it.
HAPPY 2018,

Ntsebo Balimo, NUL


Spring 2018 Letter to QMC from Ts'epang:  "Being a university student is so nice but there are a lot of challenges we experience just from the first day we arrive. At my first day of arrival at NUL I came along so many challenges ever in my life and it took me so much time to adapt to this place's lifestyle. It was very difficult for me to spend a lot of my time without people whom I used to interact with: my family, friends and neighbors, and I spent almost three months missing them.

Being at university is very stressful because there are a lot of courses to do which need a lot of time. Like I am doing Social Work, I had six courses last semester and I also have six this semester, so I spent my time reading, consulting lectures, making study groups and also seeking help from senior students.

Social work is an enjoyable profession and I really love it. I love it because it helps needy people to be able to help themselves. So my desire is to help people so that they can live better lives without stress, depression, and anxiety. Again, counseling and giving to charity to disadvantaged people (orphans, old aged, people with disabilities and abused  people) is always my dream.

I would  like to thank QMC for sponsoring me, I find myself so blessed under this sponsorship. This sponsorship is very helpful to me and my family because we don't worry about university fees and food. Again, I also get a monthly allowance for my personal needs. My parents and I are so happy that I have got this chance and I promise to work hard so that everyone can be proud of me.

Without your support, I don't think that things were going to be easy for me at the university. I and my family really appreciate your willingness to sponsor me so that I can have a future, get a job and help my family and other people in need. Thank you very much,

Yours with love, Ts'epang Matli


College Scholarship Application 2017:      ''For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to work with the society at large. I have been responsible for the care of young and old people ever since I was in primary level.

Due to all of these behaviors, I wish and decide to study social work, a helping profession which improves a society’s overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable population. I like this course because it is through it that I can work with couples, families, communities and organizations to examine their relationships, family history, community environment and policies that impact them in order to identify ways to help address a problem.

The university scholarship will be a big help to me to attain higher education, especially in today’s society where an advanced education is a necessity for success. From the bottom of my heart, a good university education is my primary goal at this time in my life. I like to build a good future for myself and to make my mark in my society by helping others. ''

Tse'pang Matli, NUL

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