QMC’s mission is to provide financial assistance for sustainable food, water
and education programs for the people of Qholaqhoe, Lesotho.

COVID Update - January 13, 2021

Two days ago all schools in Lesotho, public and private, were ordered to close due to surges in COVID cases.  The Lesotho Health Ministry expects vaccines to become available in April of 2021.  All borders with South Africa are again closed and no travel to Lesotho is possible.  
QHS Principal, Mme Mamare Mossasee has indicated that information from the Lesotho Ministry of Education has been unreliable and schools have scrambled to adhere to COVID regulations.  We are assuming schools will remain closed for quite a while.  
Some QHS students have been out of school for most of the year, others have been able to attend for only a few weeks or months.  Form C and E (grades 10 and 12) students are scheduled to attend for one day only, in order to take their national exams.  
QMC board members are working with QHS staff to find the best way to electronically send student letters and to receive sponsor letters as post offices are often closed and mail delivery is not dependable.  Several of our sponsors have received letters recently via a faculty member's personal iPhone photo and email.    
QMC is working closely with QHS staff on helping our students, and we will continue to provide updates.  This is truly a devastating health pandemic, especially for countries with poor health resources, food supplies and extreme poverty.    
For more information:   
Lesotho COVID official statistics: https://www.gov.ls
US Embassy Lesotho: https://ls.usembassy.gov

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