The community College Scholarship Program

The Community College Scholarship Program was created by QMC in 2016 in order to provide a few stellar students with the funding required to attend college or university within their country. We are very proud of our recipients and will follow them closely as they pursue their degrees.


Community College Scholarship Selection Process

The Qholaqhoe community is involved in the process of selecting which of their students are best qualified to apply to the college scholarship program. It is indeed a community effort and responsibility that assists the QMC Board in making the final decision of who will be our scholarship program recipients.

Community Committee Members:

  • Chief Thabo Matela
  • Current Counselor for Qholaqhoe
  • Principal/Deputy Principal Qholaqhoe High School
  • Two Qholaqhoe High School teachers
  • Community member

Responsibilities of committee members:

  • Give QMC application form to serious students who are submitting applications to only these colleges:  Lesotho Agriculture College, National Health Training College, National University of Lesotho
  • Collect and review all completed applications.
  • Meet and discuss all applications.
  • Support applicant and receive stamp of approval from Chief Matela.
  • All approved applications will be sent to QMC

The Qholaqhoe Mountain Connections Board of Directors selects and notifies scholarship winners.


  • If an applicant is related to a committee member, the committee member cannot attend the meeting to discuss any applications.
  • No favoritism or special privileges will be awarded to any applicant.  
Requirements for students applying for scholarship:
  • Attended QHS for three years.
  • Graduated from QHS.
  • Live in Qholaqhoe area.
  • Admitted to Lesotho Agriculture College, National Health Training College or the National University of Lesotho.
  • Demonstrates economic need.

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2017-2018 College Scholarship Recipients

Seotla Motholo: National University of Lesotho (Public Administration & Political Science)

Seotla Motholo

Seotla Motholo at home

Seotla’s father, Molato  & mother, Marearabetsoe & sister, Itumeleng.                                                  

Ts’epang Maria Matli: National University of Lesotho (Faculty of Social Sciences for Bachelor of Social Work)

Tsepang Matli, National University of Lesotho

Tsepang Matli’s home

Tsepang Matli’s father Thabelo & mother Matsepang & grandmother Puseletso

2016-2017 College Scholarship Recipients

Ntsebo Balimo:  National University of Lesotho (Faculty of Social Sciences for Bachelor of Social Work)

Ntsebo Balimo, National University of Lesotho

Ntsebo Balimo home

Ntsebo’s father, Sefele Balimo

Remaketse Molisana:  National University of Lesotho (Faculty of Social Sciences for Commerce in Accounting)

Remaketse Molisana, National University of       Lesotho

Remaketse Molisano’s father, Mabese & mother, Malipolelo

Ts’epo Qamo graduated 2017 from the Auxiliary Social Work Program at the National Health Training College in Masuru.

Ts’epo Qamo, National Health Training College

Ts’epo Qamo’s mother, Makopano & grandfather, Daniel Phenya

Quotes from College Scholarship applications

I wish to study at National University of Lesotho because most graduates from this university are eligible for jobs as soon as they graduate. Again, the graduates from NUL become experts in their fields.
Having the scholarship will be of a great advantage. As a high school student I was a bone fide student, in which during my tenure at high school, I was a hard working student who was always striving for excellence of scholarship. The scholarship will give me the chance to prove the academic potential I have.
Apart from that, earning the scholarship will be a motivation to younger students in Qholaqhoe village. It will spread a copy cat syndrome to the students and they will strive for the best and do well in their studies so that they too may be eligible for the scholarship.
Above all, the scholarship will enable me to complete the course I wish to study at university which, after getting my degree, I will have the opportunity to improve my family’s living standard, help my younger siblings with their academic needs and thereby implement a change in the society I live in.

Selections from College Scholarship Application by Seotla Motholo

For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to work with the society at large. I have been responsible for the care of young and old people ever since I was in primary level.
Due to all of these behaviors, I wish and decide to study social work, a helping profession which improves a society’s overall well-being, especially for the most vulnerable population. I like this course because it is through it that I can work with couples, families, communities and organizations to examine their relationships, family history, community environment and policies that impact them in order to identify ways to help address a problem.
The university scholarship will be a big help to me to attain higher education, especially in today’s society where an advanced education is a necessity for success. From the bottom of my heart, a good university education is my primary goal at this time in my life. I like to build a good future for myself and to make my mark in my society by helping others.

Tsepang Motli, selections from College Scholarship Application

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